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We are looking for proficient bloggers who are genuinely interested in and use natural products.

Your blog/video should be detailed descriptive and informative giving your followers enough information so they can make an informed choice about adding our products to their skin regime.


Your media accounts i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat must be up and running with a minimum of 5000 followers on any one of your pages.  We will consider applicants with less than 5000 depending on quality of platforms.


You will be required to post a comprehensive review within 6 weeks of receipt of products(s)

You will be required to provide links back to our site where products can be purchased

You will be required to use products for a minimum of 4 weeks as a stand alone I.e. not in conjunction with another product.


We recommend you read the ingredient(s) of all products that you will be trying/reviewing for each assignment to determine suitability i.e. allergies, sensitivity to any of the ingredients within products.


Please note not all assignments are fee orientated some are gifts of products or discount codes that you can offer to your followers if you so wish. Fee paid assignments are set £30.00 per assignment.


Please note bloggers are self-employed and responsible for their own NI, tax contributions (fee orientated assignments)




Angelica Botanical Therapy - Products are handmade from natural botanicals, herbs, waxes, oils, powders and extracts that are beneficial to skin. None of our products have been tested on animals where, possible raw ingredients are organically sourced.  Our range was developed as a result of wanting to use products that are of a high standard /quality and not loaded with ingredients that we didn’t understand.


We recommend browsing our site before applying for an assignment to gain an understanding of our products. We are aware that natural products do not appeal to everyone. However, for those who wish to try as too those who already use natural products a well detailed stylish review will encourage continuous usage and prompt purchases


Please complete application below.

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