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Welcome to Angelica’s Beauty Box Experience

We invite you all to take a journey with us through time itself via our skincare products of natural botanicals that have been used throughout history by kings, queens, emperors, princes and princesses. Incorporating familiar botanicals and those that have been forgotten.

Our products are handmade cruelty-free and do not contain lanolin or mineral oil. Our raw materials are ethically sourced and organic where possible.

Our box will only contain products from Angelica Botanical Therapy.

All about Angelica’s Beauty Box Experience

There is no Subscription-fee.  Angelica's Beauty  Box Experience is a one-off purchase, not a subscription, so you won't be tied into any future boxes.

We have 4 boxes that you can select from all different but will contain 3 products in each. This gives you an opportunity to know first-hand exactly what is contained within your box allowing you to experience using our products at a fraction of the cost. The total value of the box will always be more than you actual paid.

Box A cost 20.00
Angelica’s Nourishing Cuticle Oil Pen 5mls
Skin Manna Body & facial oil, 30mls
Lavender Body Moisturizer 100mls

Box B cost £25.00
Green Tea & Avocado Scrub 110mls
Green Tea & Avocado Hand Lotion 100mls
Angelica's Nourishing Cuticle Oil Pen 5mls

Box C cost £35.00
Angelica’s Oculus Cream 30mls
Raspberry café body scrub, 380ml
Skin Manna Raspberry hand & body lotion 50mls

Box D cost £40.00
Angelica’s Natural Face & Body Mist 30mls
Angelica’s Rejuvenation Lotion 100mls
Angelica’s Champagne Body Scrub 380mls