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Marigold and Jasmine Bath Tea


A relaxing bath can be had by enjoying a bath tea.  A  Bath Tea will give you twice the benefits of your normal bath. Marigold is an anti-inflammatory and cleanser therefore good for soothing the skin. Jasmine is good for dry skin. Jasmine also has a beautiful aroma that is relaxing.

4 bags per box
1 single bath tea

Caution: External use only

Place one bath tea bag in the tub while running warm water. The tea will steep as the tub fills. Leave the bath tea in the tub while you relax in the water.  Remove and discard after one use.

Ingredients: Sodium Chloride (dead sea salt) Calendula Officinails (pot marigold) Jasminum Officinale  (Jasmine buds) Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E )Jasminum Grandiflorum (Jasmin essential oil) parfum