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Skin Manna is the sub product name of our lotions. The skin is one of the largest organs of the human body. It is our protection from the outside world. Skin absorbs and internalizes what we put on it - from simple lotions to powerful medications but is also our filter that allows us to interact with our environment. Our skin requires nourishment in the form of water, oil, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.


Our Skin Manna range consists of oils and butters that contain minerals, fatty acids and vitamins that will nourish your skin giving it a radiant healthy glow and feel.


Skin needs water and minerals such as zinc that have incredible healing benefits for repairing damage to skin caused by cuts, grazes, scratches etc.  It also acts as an anti-oxidant and helps protect against UV rays.  Sulphur fights bacteria and heals damage caused by blemishes. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage.  


Vitamins are vital for the skin. Vitamin A, stimulates the production of new skin cells improving the appearance of the surface of the skin. Vitamin C, helps eliminates free radicals that damage cells and is also known to slow down premature ageing.  Vitamin D is found in oils such as avocado and sweet almond oil. Vitamin E is found in both butter and oils which is good for the regeneration of skin and is also an anti-inflammatory with wound healing properties.


As you are aware everyones skin is different ranging from normal, dry, oily, sensative and mature. Other factors such as water, oil (lipids skin's softness) sensitivity level will affect the condition of your skin.


Normal skin

Normal skin is supple, soft and smooth with few imperfections it is not to dry or oily with no severe sensitivity and, is not prone to eruptions and looks radiant.


Dry skin

Dry skin tends to be susceptible to flaking, red patches, dull rough complexion and can feel taught with fine lines. Exposure to weather conditons i.e Wind, Sun or cold will exacerbate dry skin including central heating. Soap is also a factor as too alcohol. Genetics, medications and hormonal changes could be a contributing eliment.


Applying rich moisturiser after taking a bath or shower is of benefit.


Oils of benefit Avocado, Olive, Apricot kernal, Borage, Rosehip and Wheatgerm, are just some of the oils that benefit skin.


Oily skin

Oily skin can produce blackheads, pimples or other blemishes can look greasy, shiny, thick, coarse, with enlarged pores. This skin type is better suited to lotions rather than creams. Oily skin may be attributed to puberty, hormonal changes, stress, heat, humidity.


Oils of benefit Grapeseed, Sweet almond oil, Hazelnut, Argan, Chamomile, Borage, Evening Primerose, and Apricot Kernal


Combination skin

Combination skin will have sections of the skin that is oily, forehead, chin and centre panel of face. (T zone) This type of skin requires a mix of cream and lotion on certain areas.


Sensitive Skin 

Sensitive skin can be dry, flaking itching, burning and red. This could be attributed to triggers within skin care products. Which means if you are aware of the triggers you can avoid them. This includes natural products also. Avoid products containing alcohol or fragrance and harsh exfoliants.


Oils of benefits Marigold, Chickweed, Borage, Comfrey and Chamomile.


Problem skin

Problem skin this is inclusive of Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea to name but a few. A number of individuals will develop some kind of skin condition within their life time.  These can be very stressful and difficult to keep under control.  However it is best to seek expert medical advice with reference to the above.


Oils that may be of  benefit German chamoile, Calendula, Borage, Chickweed, Flaxseed, Evening primrose, Rosehip, Comfrey, Pumpkin, Chia, Hemp, Safflower, Sea buckthorn, Neem, Argan, Oat, Tamanu, Passion flower, Pomegrante,Vitamin A,B,C,D,and E, and Coconut